Tamraght Agadir MOROCCO


One day trip to the beautiful Essaouira which means "the little rampart", a reference to the fortress walls that still enclose part of the city. It’s also called as “the city of wind”. The amazing Medina of Essaouira is a UNESCO World Heritage listed city, full of historical buildings, architecture, great cafeterias and local restaurants. Request !! Contact us


A small Berber - speaking town in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas located 180  km south of Agadir in the Souss region in the heart of the Ammelne Valley, in the middle of a circus of rocks of pink granite, famous for its colors, it was at several times the capital of Souss. This city which was originally a souk is surrounded by several hundred tribes.


Get to know Morocco’s countryside and explore the Berber town of Tafraout on this full-day tour. Travel through Ameln Valley, take in panoramic views from Kerdous Peak, meet locals, find ancient traditions, and enjoy an authentic Moroccan lunch—all in 1 day!

Legzira Beach 1-Day Excursion

Situated in 150 km in the South of Agadir, Legzira is one of the most beautiful beaches of Morocco. She offers breathtaking landscapes due to waves appreciated by the surfers but also, and especially, by her arcs astronomical of rocks and lands red were sculptured by the sea. This isolated and desert beach offers you a landscape as impressive as magic in contact with the Moroccan nature.During the route, you will have the opportunity of you stop(arrest) on the beaches(ranges) of Aglou and Mirleft. Once arrived on the beach(range) of Legzira, you can take advantage of the landscape as you think best: sunbathe on the fine sand, swim in the clear water... A pleasure for eyes not to be missed. Taste(savor), for the lunch, an assortment of grilled fishes of the season. For return, it is possible to pass by the city of Tiznit.


Half day trip to the biggest souk (local market) in the area where you can find a lot of different traditional Moroccan goods, handicrafts, souvenirs and spices, fresh fruits and vegetables and of course wide selection of argan products.


One day trip to Marrakech city which is possibly the second most important of Morocco's four former imperial cities after Fez. The city is rich in history, it has been inhabited by Berber farmers since Neolithic times, but the actual city was founded in 1062. Transportation, city walks, visit to a traditional souk, palaces and most famous mosques and a delicious lunch is included to the price. Request!! Contact us


Half day trip to the wonderful Paradise Valley, a section of the Tamraght River valley in the Moroccan High Atlas mountains. It is an oasis with fresh natural pools surrounded by palm trees and amazing mountains. The visit is perfect for sunbathing, chilling, and the highlight, if you are brave enough, cliff jumping.


Imsouane is small town which is popular due to its wonderful scenes, tranquility and perfect waves for surfing. There are two main spots for surfing in Imsouane: La Cathedrale, a beach break spot and La Bay, a point break spot. Imsouane town is also known for its small port where vendors and locals can buy fresh fish straight from the sea.